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Volkswagen Electrified

Step into the world of exciting cars with new technology and features, all without any emissions at all. Volkswagen is committed to a cleaner and greener future, and expects 50% off all sales to be Zero Emissions by the end of this decade.

iZEV Incentives at Oakville Volkswagen

The Government of Canada has launched the Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles (iZEV) Program to encourage purchase of vehicles with low or zero emissions. Under this program, incentives up to $5000 are available and the savings are passed on to the consumers. That means your Volkswagen is now more affordable to own, starting with the purchase. Learn more about the iZEV programĀ Here

ID. 4

The all-electric SUV with available all-wheel drive. Designed for all.

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The first EV from Volkswagen, the e-Golf marks the beginning of the future.

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Servicing Electric Vehicles

Servicing an EV is less complicated than servicing a gas vehicle, and that means it costs less - another upside to going electric. With fewer moving parts, your vehicle has few things to maintain. Services are more straightforward, and required less frequently as a result.

Say Goodbye to Oil Changes

Unlike the vehicles you're used to, EVs don't need oil changes, which saves you time and money. However, to ensure your VW is operating in peak condition, we encourage booking an annual inspection and maintenance.

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