Electrified Vehicles

Volkswagen Electrified

EVs are no longer niche. They’re becoming more affordable every day, and we’re here to show you how driving one is even more accessible.

2021 ID. 4

The all-electric SUV with available all-wheel drive. Designed for all. Available summer 2021

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2020 e-Golf

As the first 100% electric-powered Volkswagen, the e-Golf doesn’t only represent the future of car technology, it’s the future of driving.

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Servicing Electric Vehicles

Servicing an EV is less complicanted than servicing a gas vehicle, and that means it costs less - another upside to going electric. With fewer moving parts, your vehicle has few things to maintain. Services are more straightforward, and required less frequently as a result.

Say Goodbye to Oil Changes

Unlike the vehicles you're used to, EVs don't need oil changes, which saves you time and money. However, to ensure your VW is operating in peak condition, we encourage booking an annual inspection and maintenance.

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