Volkswagen Brake Pads and Discs

What are they?

Volkswagen genuine brake pads and discs are the components that allow for your Volkswagen's brakes to slow and stop the vehicle.

What do they do?

Brake pads are compressed against the spinning brake rotor, which causes the friction to slow down the vehicle.

Why choose Volkswagen brakes?

Volkswagen genuine brakes are manufactured and designed to help ensure optimal braking performance in all ranges of weather and road conditions, and at high speeds. Volkswagen genuine brake pads and rotors are specified to support your vehicle's weight and engine specifications, and don't require any modifications or retrofits to be installed.

When to replace?

Since brake pads and rotors are subjected to extreme wear, heat, and corrosive conditions, they need to be replaced regularly.

Consult with your service advisor at Oakville Volkswagen to have brakes inspected and replaced according to your Volkswagen vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule.

If you are experiencing braking issues, vibrations, or noises, bring your vehicle to your Volkswagen dealer immediately.