Volkswagen Genuine Batteries

What is it?

Volkswagen batteries are a critical component of your vehicle. The battery on a vehicle provides power to start the engine, and stores energy to smoothly power electrical systems.

Along with headlights and taillights, the battery also provides power to all internal electronics.

What does it do?

The battery stores electrical power that is generated by the vehicles engine, and releases it when it is needs for starting, or to power electrical systems.

When to replace?

Battery service and testing should be done by a Volkswagen technician regularly, and should be replaced every four to five years.

Batteries should last for years, but slow engine cranking, and dim electronics are indicators that a batter should be serviced or replaced.

Consult with your service advisor at Oakville Volkswagen to determine the status and replacement schedule for the battery in your Volkswagen vehicle.

Why choose Volkswagen batteries?

Volkswagen batteries have excellent value, and superbly long lifespan. VW designs their batteries to be reliable in nearly all temperatures, with special attention paid toward working in cold Canadian climates.

Volkswagen batteries come with a 3-year/unlimited-kilometer limited warranty, and for 2 years after, Volkswagen will absorb a prorated percentage of the battery replacement cost.

With excellent reliability, long lifespan, and a great warranty, Volkswagen genuine batteries are your choice for replacement in your Volkswagen vehicle.