Volkswagen Genuine Cabin Air Filters

What do they do?

Cabin air filters are the part of the filtering system that keeps the air you and your passengers breathe clean from dust, debris, and other allergens.

Why are they important?

Air filters also help ensure proper airflow throughout the vehicle, and help keep heating and air-conditioning systems free from dirt and debris. Air filters stop unwanted odours, and pollution from road conditions from entering the cabin, while allowing for air circulation and ventilation.

When to replace?

Air filters get clogged over time, and are less able to filter air as a result. Volkswagen recommends replacing cabin air filters every 30,000 kilomters or every 2 years.

Consult with your service advisor at Oakville Volkswagen to have your cabin air filter replaced according to your vehicles factory-recommended service schedule, or as needed.

If you notice strong odours, or a musty smell when you turn on your vehicle, you should replace your cabin air filter immediately.