Volkswagen Genuine Timing Belts

What are they?

Timing belts are a belt made out of a rubber-like compound that are designed to resist high-temperatures, harsh conditions, and stretching in the engine compartment over time.

What do they do?

Timing belts are used to synchronize an engines many moving parts. The timing belt causes for multiple different systems, and mechanical functions are precisely timed and in sync with one another.

When to replace?

Volkswagen recommends replacing timing betls every six years or 90,000 km.

A timing belt breaking can cause significant damage, and much costlier repairs. Consult with your service advisor at Oakville Volkswagen to have your timing belt replaced according to your vehicle's factory-recommended service schedule, or as needed.

If your engine is making a squeeling noise, or other noises are coming from the moving timing belt, see Oakville Volkswagen immediately to have your vehicle inspected and repaired if necessary.

Why Volkswagen Timing Belts?

Volkswagen timing belts are designed specifically to your vehicle's original requirements. Replacement timing belts are designed to be just as durable and heat resistant as the original timing belts they are replacing.

Since timing belts are a key part of aligning different mechanical operations, an in-spec timing belt also enables optimal fuel economy. Volkswagen genuine timing belts are designed to the exact same specification as from the factory, allowing for the best fuel economy to be achieved.