Volkswagen Genuine Windshields

What are they?

Volkswagen genuine windshields are replacement windshields that are designed to your VW's original specifications. This means that the windshield will have a perfect fit, and is guaranteed to have the same colour and glass quality as the original it is replacing.

What do they do?

Volkswagen windshields are a replacement for any Volkswagen windshields that are damaged, including chips, cracking, or shattered windhsields. Since Volkswagen windshields are an entire replacement, they are a superior repair option over resins, or aftermarket brand windshields.

When to replace?

Your windshield and the visibility it provides are an important part of your vehicle's overall safety. If your windshield is damaged, cracked, or chipped, it should be replaced.

If damage to your windshield is negatively affecting your visibility, see your Volkswagen dealer immediately.

Consult with your service advisor at Oakville Volkswagen on whether your windshield should be replaced, and which replacement windshield will be a perfect fit for your Volkswagen.

Why Volkswagen windshields?

Volkswagen windshields are designed to the original specification. This means that they are guaranteed to be a perfect fit for that model, which helps reduce cabin and road noise as compared to some aftermarket windshields.

Volkswagen windshields are made of high-grade glass, and protected against UV elements.