Volkswagen Detailing

VW Detailing Package

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Your car is taken through the car wash and then dried by chamois to prevent streaking. Carnauba wax is then applied for a glossy clean and shiny finish. The windows, trims, chrome on car, grilles, and door jams are all cleaned for a durable and shinny finish.


This is the most professional interior cleaning your vehicle can possibly have. It includes vacuum, shampoo of carpets, mats, seats to remove dirt, stains, and trunk. The entire interior of your vehicle is cleaned including all interior vinyls, dash, vents, console, ashtrays, doors, trims, windows. All leather is cleaned, dressed and all of those hard to reach spots like under the seats and in the cracks are all cleaned to perfection. The car is then deodorised removing any bad odours and leaving the vehicle smelling like a clean summer breeze.

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