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The automobile landscape has witnessed significant transformation in recent years, with electric vehicles (EVs) becoming the beacon of modern mobility. Among the stars of this shift, one that stands out with a blend of nostalgic appeal and futuristic technology is the Volkswagen ID. Buzz. Harking back to the iconic VW Microbus of the 1960s, the ID. Buzz presents an exciting fusion of the past and future.

  • One of the most spacious electric vehicle on the market with room for up to seven people
  • Newly developed panoramic sunroof with electronically controloled tinting
  • High-efficiency drive system with 85kWh battery and 210 kW electric drive motor
  • Up to 420 kms of electric range with Plug & Charge capability
  • Available late 2024
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The original ID. Buzz design, unveiled in 2017, has been meticulously adapted for its mass production iteration. This includes minimalistic overhangs, optimal space utilization within a compact framework, a two-tier body design, and the signature V-shaped bonnet reminiscent of the historic VW T1 Bus. Just as the design of the T1 was driven by its function, so is the case with the ID. Buzz. This iconic and straightforward design also boasts superior aerodynamics, achieving a drag coefficient of 0.29. This efficient design not only conserves electric energy but also enhances the vehicle's range.

The ID. Buzz prominently features LED technology. The front end is adorned with distinctive LED headlights, bridged by a sleek lateral LED strip. The large VW emblem at the strip's center pays tribute to the vintage T1 Bus. At its rear, the ID. Buzz showcases horizontal LED taillights, unified by a continuous light band, a first for a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle. Additionally, there's an option to upgrade to the 'IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights.' Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles provides the ID. Buzz and its counterpart, the ID. Buzz Cargo, in both foundational colors and alternate dual-tone finishes, staying true to the Bus's legacy. In total, customers have eleven color options to choose from: a single solid hue, five metallic shades, a pearlescent finish, and four dual-tone color combinations.

Design Highlights

  • Iconic, powerful and friendly design, reminiscent of the Volkswagen Bus from the 60s, cluding the V shaped hood
  • Oudstanding aerodynamics with a drag coefficient of 0.29 which helps reduce the power consumption and increase range
  • Available in a long wheel base version in North America as well as a Cargo only version for maximum versatility
  • Ample interior space, choice of a 5 or 7 seats, sliding door and rear double doors increase the utility of the vehicle


The driver's cockpit features an independent 5.3-inch ID.Cockpit display. Centered on the dashboard is the standard 10-inch 'Ready 2 Discover' touchscreen infotainment system. An upgraded 12-inch screen is available with the 'Discover Pro' navigation option. Depending on the model, features like App-Connect (with wireless capabilities) for smartphone integration and DAB+ digital radio come as standard.

The ID. Buzz has an Online Connectivity Unit (OCU) with a built-in eSIM. This model from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles uses the OCU to tap into the expansive online services and vehicle functions offered by We Connect and We Connect Plus. The basic We Connect features are always free. Without a navigation system, We Connect Plus is free for the first year; with the Discover Pro navigation, it's standard and free for three years.

Technology Highlights

  • Plug & Charge: Simplifies charging at compatible fast-charge stations
  • Temperature Guidance: Alerts users to charge their battery when cold weather is forecasted and battery levels are low
  • Battery Care Mode: Preserves the battery's lifespan. When this mode is on, the battery charges up to 80%. It can be turned off for full 100% charging, especially useful for longer trips
  • ID.Light in front of the windshield to make the driver aware about the obstacles and dangers on the road
  • Download and install apps such as Spotify and Apple Music without even a paired smartphone


The ID. Buzz is set to come in a more powerful version equipped with a 210 kW (286 hp) electric drive motor. This enhancement will allow it to reach a top electronically-limited speed of 160 km/h, a step up from the European ID. Buzz's 145 km/h with its 150 kW motor. Moreover, this robust version can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 7.9 seconds. And there's more in the pipeline: Volkswagen has unveiled plans for an all-wheel drive version, named the GTX, for 2024. This beast, boasting an output of 250 kW (339 hp), will be able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.4 seconds, ensuring seamless highway merging.

Unique to the ID. Buzz is its regenerative braking system, which allows the vehicle to decelerate without using traditional brakes. This system converts kinetic energy into electricity and charges the battery. When in 'D' (Drive) mode, lifting the foot off the drive pedal lets the ID. Buzz coast smoothly, with the motor operating resistance-free, thereby maximizing its range. Conversely, in 'B' (Brake) mode, easing off the drive pedal induces significant deceleration due to the high recuperation effect, reducing the need for regular braking. This is especially advantageous downhill, as it conserves a considerable amount of energy. The electric brake servo further enhances this feature; for decelerations up to about 0.3 g, the ID. Buzz relies solely on its drive system to brake.

Performance Highlights

  • Up to a 210 kW electric drive motor that produces 286 hp
  • Maximum speed of 160 km/h
  • Higher performance GTX version (TBA) produces 339 hp with a 250 kW motor, with a 0-100 sprint in under 6.4 seconds.
  • More performance details to be announced later


A host of systems come standard with the vehicle. Notably, it features Car2X, which uses collective data to alert drivers of nearby hazards. The Front Assist system, equipped with pedestrian and cyclist monitoring, actively monitors the vehicle's surroundings and offers an emergency braking function. Additionally, there's the PreCrash system designed for occupant protection; it pre-tensions safety belts in anticipation of an accident. For those opting for the ID. Buzz Pro, additional features include Dynamic Road Sign Display and Lane Assist. For added convenience and safety, two cutting-edge systems are available as optional upgrades: Travel Assist, which leverages swarm data for assisted lane changing, and Park Assist Plus, which boasts a memory function to facilitate automated parking.

Safety Highlights

  • Local hazard warning using swarm data to notify of any hazards up ahead such as accidents or broken down vehicles
  • Park Assist function to help driver scope out a parking space
  • Lance change function with the new ID.Light providing driver with early visual notice to change lanes
  • Dynamic Road Sign Display, Lane assist, Park assist, Travel assist amongst other safety features to keep you and your family safe on the road
*European model shown. Design, specifications and information may vary.

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